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"The Keys Of Life" trailer

Here is another music video I did called "No Rush" Starring Kory Williams.

This is a music video for my song "The Pro'ta'jay. It just shows clips about my career so far and what I want to accomplish.

Movie trailer for my screenplay, "The Keys Of Life." 

These are J.B. Po'ta'jay Productions videos created by Jessica Baggett. The first video is a promo for her book/screenplay "The Keys of Life" . The final video up top is a music video starring Kibriya Kafele which was written and produced by Jessica Baggett.

This is my first music video that I produced for a song  that I wrote called "Feeling So Good". This video and song is starring Kibriya Kafele who was 11 at the time.

Feeling So Good

Short Film for my composition "Alone"

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