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"The Keys of Life" is about a 15 year old girl named Jasmine who has faced challenges such as having a mental illness and not being able to read. She felt like she didn't have a purpose in life until she met a music teacher who discovers that Jasmine has a special gift in music. In "The Keys 2 Life" continues the story about Jasmine facing new challenge with her love life, friends, family and music. There are many ups and downs and twists and turns. Purchase your copy today!

"The Keys Of Life" is a outstanding novel for teens and adults. You will really enjoy it, there are a lot of twists and turns. It has a lot of drama, some comedy and a touch of romance. Price is only $12.00 plus shipping and handling. Purchase your copy today! Just click on buy now.



You can purchase "The Keys 2 Life" which is the sequel to "The Keys Of Life." " at Just click on "The Keys 2 Life" button.

The Keys 2 Life
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Check out my book "Lessons Learned." It's a very unique story about how peer pressure can effect, relationships, drug use and alcohol abuse. It follows four stories about how peer pressure played a major role in their lives. A very good read with a surprising ending. For teens to young adults and even older than that. 


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